Dolphin 2×2

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About the Dolphin 2X2
The 2X2 is a versatile and powerful cleaner able to adjust to any pool on the fly. Featuring internal gyroscopes and balancers and a double-wide chassis the 2X2 powerfully cleans pools of any shape. The 2X2 uses an advanced computer to clean your pool as quickly as possible while adding an additional 8,466 gal/hr of filtration.
Pool Cleaner Features:
Advanced software ensures systematic cleaning and optimal pool coverage – floor, walls and waterline.
User-friendly remote control for manual navigation.
Adjustable parameters and cleaning programs – cycle time, pool length, climbing frequency and regular or ultra clean.
Powerful suction and sweeping creates whirlpool that evenly disperses chlorine and other chemicals in the pool, and eliminates germs and algae.
Two large ultra fine porosity filtration bags collects the dirt, debris and even dust particles.
Clogged filter bag indicator ensures ongoing cleaning efficiency.
Heavy-duty caddy for handling and storage.
More Information

The 2X2 features an ultrawide, twin motor body in order to make the most out of each cleaning cycle. With manual navigation available through the free PRO remote, tough spots and corners are easily cleaned without getting wet, and the free caddy makes carting this cleaner around easy.